37 Facial Scrub

100 ml
Gentle and exfoliating gel with the mechanical effect of Acai berries.
Promotes collagen synthesis and skin renewal, with Burdock extract, Macadamia oil and Avocado.



Avocado oil is rich in palmitoleic acid, for sensitive and damaged skin, antioxidants which combat skin ageing, in Vitamin A and E which combat skin ageing and maintain its elasticity, and above all protects the skin’s mantle, due to its high percentage of lecithin, Vit A, E, D and essential unsaturated fatty acids, which prevent the skin from losing moisture, restoring it to its natural balance.
Suitable for both face and body, it makes the skin truly velvety.
Macadamia oil increases the skin’s absorption capacity, smoothes and rejuvenates dry, fragile and sensitive skin; rich in minerals, vitamins and Flavonoids (valuable natural antioxidants), it helps fight free radicals.
Burdock is a balancing and brightening agent for skin that is asphyxiated and prone to impurities.

37 Facial Scrub


certificazione AIAB cosmesi QC qualità bvegana
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